NashFab roto pack mount

NashFab roto pack mount

Pre order now! Can ship out around 3/1/21 ROTOPAX PACK MOUNT AND GAS CAN NOT INCLUDED..


+Constructed of all ALUMINUM


+extremely light weight, all hardware included weighs 2 lbs


+this mounting plate hinges open allowing access to still climb your ladder


+able to mount several different accesories to this hinge plate!


+Rotopax pack mounts bolt right up to the plate perfectly


+stainless steel hardware!


+Fully adjustable to fit 9” and 10” wide ladders


+Adjustable pull pin latch system locks the swing plate in place, it also accommodates 9” and 10” wide ladders


 +rotopax gas can can be slid left or right on adjustable mounting plate


+can clamp mount to any ladder that has 1 inch side rails +can be mounted to either side of the ladder


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