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Toyota RAV4 4th gen 13-18

Toyota RAV4 4th gen 13-18

3 Week lead time before ship out!


Now available in 14 Colors! Color Samples in photos Above, No Charge for Standard Black.


offering both versions 1.0 and 2.0

version 1 - square tube side rails

version 2 - cnc cut side rails


Toyota Rav4 4th 2013-2018 Gen REAR / DRIVER SIDE LADDER

Product Features:


+Made of high quality steel

+Powder coated matte black

+Attaches to top of rear door hatch and provides 250+lbs weight capacity

+Each step provides grip for non- slip surface. They are square and flat for comfortable footing!

+The top plating provides a great stepping platform. Sits flat and sleek to the vehicle

+Easy access to the roof for luggage and racks.

+Compatible with most roof racks

+9 inches wide

+Comes with all necessary stainless steel hardware and instructions for easy no-drill installation.

+No metal comes in contact with vehicle paint. Protected with foam padding.

  • rear door struts

    The majority of vehicles have NO trouble bearing the extra weight of a ladder and accessories. Especially now that we have transitioned from steel to aluminum. However, on OCCASION, we do come across a vehicle that has weaker struts.  Although this is unlikely, we cannot guarantee your rear door struts will fully  open your rear door with ladder and/ or accessories added. In most of these cases the door will open fully! But there is a possibility that it may drop an inch or two. You may have to upgrade your struts to get a fully functioning door. Nashfabco is NOT responsible for your vehicle needing stronger struts, so if you are concerned, please do your research before purchasing!

  • Re-stocking fee

    There will be a 25%  Re-stocking fee for any returned or canceled orders! 

Add Color To My Ladder $35, No Charge For Black
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